Vacation Rental Properties

Inspections are the backbone of the cleaning and care of your vacation property and critical to ensuring your guests arrive at a clean, operational, and well-presented home. For the house cleaners to also be responsible for inspections. The Kleeners has separate inspection staff to ensure quality. Inspections should be performed on guest departure to ensure there is no damage and no more than 2 days before guest arrival to make sure the home is properly prepared. Ask The Kleeners what inspections they perform and what, specifically, is the focus of the inspections. Inspectors should not only be checking for damages, but also ensuring that there are no issues that would impact the guest experience.

House Cleaning

Dirty homes lead to bad reviews, which affect your occupancy and revenue.

Supplies & Amenities

From dish soap to Q-tips, The Kleeners will stock your home with all the goodies your guests need to make themselves at home.

Laundry & Linen Service

We make sure your guests get fresh, crisp high-end linens and towels every time. No sheets? No problem! The Kleeners offers a linen and towel rental program.


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