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Benefits of Hiring A Pro to Clean Your Vacation Rental

It’s no secret that guest reviews can make or break your Okanagan Valley rental property reputation.

When it comes to staying at the top of the online options for vacation property rentals, the feedback from guests will be what helps the next guest book a stay at your place.

If you own a  Okanagan Valley vacation rental property, having a professional housekeeping service is going to be a life saver and vacation saver. There are thousands of vacation rental properties in our area and the options are practically endless for vacationers – so be sure that your rental is tip-top.

How do you ensure guests book with you? By Having great reviews!

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Great reviews start with great first impressions

If you’re listed on AirbNb, VRBO, Yelp, GoogleTripAdvisor or any other online platform for reviews, your guest experiences will be shared with the world. We always make sure that the feedback about cleaning is always 5-star.

Not only does our cleaning team ensure a quality first impression for your guests, but they also serve as your ‘eyes and ears’ for the over-all state of your property.

The right cleaning service isn’t just simply going to dust and vacuum your vacation property, they’re also going to ensure your place is perfectly guest-ready. There are many benefits to hiring a professional to getting your vacation rental 5-star review ready:

Clean properties get higher ratings on vacation sites. Your best form of advertising is customer reviews. If the cleanliness of your property is top-notch you will get higher ratings on your reviews. Alternatively, if it’s not your guest’s expectations and satisfaction you are more likely to hear from them and get a bad review, which could hurt your chances of renting your property as often and for top dollar.

Always having the same cleaner will make it easier to detect damages. Having the same crew in your rental property multiple times per week or month means they will notice any damages your last guests may have left – and you can address them in a timely manner. They will also be the first to notice if any items in the property which have gone missing. If you’ve collected a damage deposit from your guests, it could give you the time to make the appropriate changes to a potential refund of their damage deposit.  At Eye 4 Detail, we always take pictures of any damages that have occurred between guest stays and communicate that with the property owners immediately so that they can choose how to handle the situation.

There will be less stress and headache in managing a property when a pro goes in and knows exactly what to do. Vacation rental cleaning is much more in-depth than your regular house cleaning. Typically, this will include cleaning the linens that were used by previous guests, checking to make sure disposable supplies are topped up for the next guest, and testing various items in the house to make sure they are in good working order.

Having a professional cleaning company with a team of housekeepers will be much more reliable than a one-man show. Not only will a team of cleaners be able to put your property back together much quicker but they will always have back-up staff for bigger jobs. Depending on a company to manage the cleaning of your property means that you won’t lose any potential renters because a single cleaner didn’t show – we have multiple (bonded and insured) vacation-home cleaners on staff.

Vacation rentals are a great investment because you can typically charge a premium for shorter-term rentals. However, this does mean quicker turnarounds than standard long-term rentals. Are you prepared to spend every 2nd or 3rd day at your property giving it a complete cleaning overhaul? Good NEWS, you don’t have to! Call us at Eye 4 Detail.

Some owners who live close to their vacation rental may think to take on the task of housekeeping themselves. This may quickly become a daunting task as the entire property will require a deep-cleaning several times a week – Especially during peak seasons, you may have only a few hours turnaround between guests.

Lastly, hiring a professional cleaning company will relieve a great deal of potential stress as they will be fully insured, licensed, and bonded and having policies and procedures in place to handle potential accidents or mishaps while their team are on your property. The company of cleaners puts a buffer between you and your renters in the event of damages or mis-use of items. This means you always have a company on-hand that has your best interest in mind.

Call Sonia today to talk about how we can help take care of your vacation property investment.

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