Trust & Safety

Finding trustworthy professionals for your housekeeping/maid service needs is not always an easy task. The Kleeners address every client’s biggest concerns when bringing a company into their homes: Trustworthiness, Quality, Consistency, Expertise, Thoroughness, and Professionalism. Our clients know they can expect exceptional-ism at every touchpoint in the process of whether cleaning the bathrooms, dusting or taking care of the kitchen cleaning. Our cleaning services are thorough and detailed in every area.

The Kleeners professional crew members are not people with rags and spray bottles, they are trained professionals with the know-how to take care of cleaning your home properly every time and who takes the initiative to solve tricky cleaning problems.

Whether it be hard water or mildew remediation in the bathrooms, knowing what to use or not use on your appliances and counters in your kitchen, ensuring cobwebs are removed, whitening sinks, maintaining baseboards and door frames or the proper, professional cleaning of your floors (including under furniture!), we make sure every detail is handled during your house cleaning services.

You deserve excellence and consistency for your hard-earned money and we are the one premier cleaning service in the Okanagan and Fraser Valley’s that provides it! And don’t forget to fill out our form for a proposal and to get scheduled today!

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